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Since ages, metal has been in use for dental filing purposes. With the latest technologies, we now make composite tooth-colored fillings which last longer and are better for your teeth, and the holes we make are much smaller. For more information, reach out to our highly trained team at Castleton General and Implant Dentistry of Indianapolis, IN.

Factors we consider before doing composite fillings

  • The overall size of the area that needs to be filled in
  • The location where the infected area is found
  • Specific allergies a patient might have
  • Patients need not worry about the usage of mercury since we do not use metals

Your benefits of choosing composite fillings

Composite fillings can closely match with the color of your existing teeth; hence it is a very appropriate option to be used for your front teeth and other visible areas of your mouth. 

In case you’re confused about the type of filling that needs to be used, schedule your appointment with us today!

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